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Crawl Space Moisture Control, Mold, & Odors in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Crawl Space Moisture Control

Let us help you prevent crawl space moisture, crawlspace odor, and standing water in your crawlspace today. If you have a damp, dirt, moldy, or musty crawlspace in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, or Ohio, then we have the solution you are looking for. Sign up today for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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Protects Your Home From:

  • Crawl Space Mold & Mildew
  • Bugs, Critters, & Rodents
  • Crawl Space Structural Damage
  • CrawlSpace Odor
  • Higher Energy Costs
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality
  • Cold Floors

Our AmeriBrite Encapsulation System seals out crawl space moisture by sealing the crawlspace earth and walls with a heavy crawl space vapor barrier, closing the crawl space vents, and conditioning the crawlspace.

Crawl Space Mold & Crawl Space Odors

The crawlspace dirt floor emits moisture and odors into the air, which is compounded by the high summer humidity that enters the crawl via the crawl space vents. Excessive moisture in the crawl space leads to mold growth, musty odors, and structural damage. CLICK HERE for more info on Mold Growth.

House DiagramThe airflow mechanics of a house is from bottom to top, this is called “stack effect”. This means that as warm air rises, replacement air is sucked from the lowest part of a house. Nearly 40% of the air on the first floor comes from your crawl space. Each time the furnace comes on, the mold spores and musty odors in the crawl space air is pulled into these ducts (which are most often in the crawl space) and spread throughout the home.

Crawlspace Dehumidifier

Most crawl spaces can benefit from, and some need a reliable dehumidifier to dry the crawlspace air.

Why should I encapsulate my crawl space?

1. Breathe healthier air. Vented, dirt crawl spaces have a negative impact on indoor air quality

2. Prevent costly structural repairs. Moisture ruins houses by providing hospitable environment for mold, fungi, and insects that destroy wood framing. Moisture also buckles hardwood floors.

3. Increased comfort. Floors won’t be cold in the winter, and the house won’t feel muggy in the summer.

4. Lower Energy Costs. Encapsulating your crawl space can reduce your energy bills by up to 20%, according to Advanced Energy’s research.

5. Reduces musty odors. Encapsulating the ground odors and moisture prevents the air system from spreading mold spores and odors into the first floor.

6. More storage space. For crawl spaces with easy access, a usable storage space is created.

7. Heating and Cooling equipment lasts longer. Humid air in the summer increases the load on your air conditioning. Duct work will rust and deteriorate in a vented crawl space.

8. Qualify for rebates and tax incentives. Some utility companies offer rebates. The federal government occasionally offers tax incentives for home performance improvements. Some state and local governments offer incentives as well.

9. Increased home value. An encapsulated crawl space is an attractive selling feature. A damp or moldy crawl space will cost you more by de-valuing your home in the minds of a buyer.


Crawl Space Drainage System - AmeriSystem 5000

Crawlspace Waterproofing - Fixing Groundwater Leaks in your crawlspace!

Drainage SystemIf you have standing water or puddles in your crawl space, then you need to pump the water out. Some crawl spaces don’t leak when it rains hard. Many crawlspace foundations leak and many crawl spaces flood. The first thing that must be done with a wet crawl space is install a sump pump. A sump pump alone will not keep the water from pooling throughout the crawl space. AmeriSystem 5000 Crawl Space Drainage System is needed to facilitate the water from around the perimeter to the sump pump. A trench is dug around the perimeter and a perforated corrugated drainage pipe is installed in the trench. If no gravel is in the crawl space, then lava rock is brought in to fill in around the drainage pipe. AmeriSystem 5000 carries a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty against standing water in your crawl space.

Turtl - Crawlspace access and door systems.


Turtle• Clean & Dry
• Strong & Durable
• Secure & Lockable
• Looks Great

Crawlspace access wells are usually ugly and deteriorated; they let in rain, leaves and debris. Additionally, the wood frames doors rot and do not have an airtight seal. The Turtl™ is a crawl space access well and door combined.

Crawl Space Structural Repairs

Wood Component Repair and Replacement

Wood RotThe costly side effect of crawl space moisture is the repair and replacement of the floor framing system. The floor joists, girders, beams, sill plate, and band board are all affected by wood rot and termite damage. This rotting wood condition can result in drywall and plaster cracks, hard to close windows and doors, and sloping, sagging, or uneven floors.

We repair and replace floor joists, beams, and sill plates – basically the entire floor framing system under your house. We install seal plates, floor joists, center beams, sub-floor, etc according to new construction standards and raise all homes up to their original positions. Many homes have simply been built spanning too much distance from support point to foundation and need “Helper” Beams and piers. We have been noted as the “Cadillac” of wood repair by many Indiana home inspectors. No one in the industry has more completed projects and installation with regards to structural floor repairs than American Basement Solutions.